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This is Iowa Second District Congressman Jim Nussle posing with the club. Here we are trying to figure out what Randy is saying.
Here we are at our Christmas party 1998. Here we are watching TV on election night 1998.
Here a bunch of us are with 1996 Presidential Candidate Bob Dole. steve forbes Here is a group of us with 2000 presidential candidate Steve Forbes.
Here's a bunch of us with U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. Here we are enjoying candy cigarettes at an election night party in 1998.
Here's the group with Representative John Kasich of Ohio. Here is former club president Ian Granstra with former Iowa gubernatorial candidate Jim Ross Lightfoot.
This is a group of us at a 1998 eleciton night party. That's Ian Granstra, former president, and Dave Shere at our Christmas party.

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