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UNI College Republicans is an official branch of both the Iowa Federation of College Republicans and the National Federation of College Republicans. We are sponsored by the Republican National Committee and the Black Hawk Central Committee. UNI College Republicans is an organization on UNI's campus dedicated to electing Republican candidates to office, strengthening their positions once elected, informing UNI students of the conservative point of view, introducing college students to the Republican Party, and giving students an outlet for standing up to liberal professors. Above all, College Republicans is fun! We are always looking for new people to be a part of UNI College Republicans. For information, E-mail or call one of our officers, or just come to a meeting. We'll be glad to meet you!
Awesome Reasons to join UNI College Republicans
You can learn to write statements that are legally accurate, yet misleading.
The state convention is a blast.
You don't want to be left out of the "vast right wing conspiracy"!
It's too hard to follow of the president's affairs by yourself.
The handsome president of the UNI CRs.
You can get a cheap trip to Washington, D.C. out of the deal.
You can stop wackos from making a difference in the world.
We're the best party on Campus!

Other Republican Web Sites
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The College Republican National Committee
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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley
Iowa First District Congressman Jim Leach
Iowa Second District Congressman Jim Nussle
Iowa Fourth District Congressman Greg Ganske
Iowa Fifth District Congressman Tom Latham
State Twelfth District Senator Don Redfern

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Last updated August 16, 2001

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